Rep. Swalwell Outmatched by Ben Shapiro in House Judiciary Hearing Duel

The question of “Will leftists ever learn?” seems to have a perpetual answer: no. On Wednesday, Rep. Eric Swalwell found himself in this very predicament when he tried to duel wits with Ben Shapiro during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. For anyone paying attention, going head-to-head with Shapiro is akin to jumping into a shark tank with a paper cut.

The committee was ostensibly gathered to discuss “Collusion in the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM)” and to tackle whether current antitrust laws are robust enough to handle anti-competitive collusion in online advertising. But in true democrat fashion, Swalwell decided to turn the focus away from legitimate concerns and pivoted to “Project 2025,” a pet distraction item meant to deflect from President Biden’s ongoing spiral into irrelevance.

Swalwell, playing the part of a naive optimist or perhaps a seasoned politician feigning sincerity, mentioned that Google searches for “Project 2025” had skyrocketed recently. Conveniently, he neglected to say that these searches were largely driven by Democrats seizing on “Project 2025” as their latest talking point to steer the media away from focusing on Biden’s glaring incompetencies.

When Swalwell asked Shapiro for his perspective on “Project 2025,” the look on Shapiro’s face said it all. Shapiro, ever the quick wit, jibed that Democrats seem to think that by obsessively chanting “Project 2025,” they could magically resuscitate their faltering presidential candidate. This was Shapiro’s way of pointing out the absurdity of the left’s current strategy, and one could almost hear the mic drop.

But did Swalwell throw in the towel? Hardly. In a last-ditch effort, he tried a different tack, quizzing Shapiro on various tenets like bureaucracy, efficiency, and wise spending of taxpayer money — essentially asking if Shapiro supports common-sense principles. Shapiro, unsurprisingly, agreed to all. Swalwell then bizarrely tried to claim some common ground, suggesting they were aligned on key conservative principles, despite having a voting record that contradicts such assertions.

In a conversation that couldn’t have ended more predictably, Shapiro sarcastically congratulated Swalwell on his newfound alignment with Republican values. Swalwell tried to save face with a quip about his parents being proud, but by then, it was clear: trying to one-up Shapiro in a public forum is a fool’s errand.

Will leftists ever learn? If this exchange is any indicator, it’s safe to say no.

Written by Staff Reports

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