White House Fumbles on Freezing Iran’s $6 Billion: Major Mishap!

The Biden administration has made it clear that they are not interested in re-freezing the $6 billion that was released to Iran as part of a prisoner exchange deal. During a White House press briefing, Fox News Channel’s Jacqui Heinrich pressed them on whether they would consider re-freezing the funds in light of Iran’s support for Hamas terrorism. However, Biden’s National Security Advisor avoided answering the question directly, instead focusing on the fact that none of the money has been spent yet.

This refusal to even consider taking action is concerning, especially when you consider the horrific acts of violence that have been carried out by Hamas in Israel. The Biden administration seems more focused on maintaining the status quo than on preventing Iran from using these funds to support terrorism. Their lack of commitment to freezing the funds or taking any future action is a clear indication that they are not taking the threat of terrorism seriously.

It is also worth noting that Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Advisor, refused to answer whether the administration regrets negotiating with Iran for the prisoner swap. Instead, he deflected the question and emphasized the importance of bringing home American citizens who have been unjustly detained abroad. While this is certainly a worthy goal, it should not come at the expense of empowering a regime that supports terrorism.

Overall, this unwillingness to take action and hold Iran accountable is consistent with President Biden’s approach to foreign policy. He has shown a lack of willingness to confront and challenge those who pose a threat to the United States and its allies. This is a concerning trend that puts national security at risk and undermines the safety of Americans and our allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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