New Mexico Gov Fights Back: Gun Violence Now a Health Epidemic!

In a manner consistent with her liberal stance, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is once again advocating for her gun control initiatives, this time framing gun violence as a public health crisis. She's using data on recent firearm confiscations, a decrease in reported gunfire incidents within the Albuquerque metropolitan area, and a rise in the number of individuals booked into jails to validate her stance. Notably, the governor has extended an emergency public health order concerning gun violence for an additional 30 days. Nevertheless, it's essential to remember that a federal judge has temporarily halted her limitations on the right to carry firearms in public parks and playgrounds, with a decision on whether to permanently block these restrictions pending.

During a recent press conference, Lujan Grisham was flanked by various Cabinet secretaries, including those responsible for child welfare services, public health, and environmental protection agencies. These officials are now tasked with addressing the societal impact of gun violence and substance abuse. They introduced a new online dashboard for statistics related to gun violence in the Albuquerque area, emphasizing that some of their initiatives to combat gun violence and drug-related issues have been made possible through the emergency orders. These include expanded behavioral health services and emergency funding for drug testing in schools' wastewater.

Governor Lujan Grisham's ultimate objective is to eradicate gun violence entirely, treating it as both an epidemic and a public health emergency. However, she appears to disregard the fact that gun owners have constitutional rights to bear arms for self-defense. Critics of her public health order assert that it infringes upon these constitutional rights, a viewpoint that holds merit. It's evident that the governor is prioritizing her personal agenda over safeguarding the rights of law-abiding citizens.

At this juncture, Lujan Grisham is relying on the legal system to determine the fate of her proposed gun restrictions. She contends that she needs clarity on what actions are necessary to ensure the safety of New Mexicans. Nonetheless, her proposed restrictions are perceived by many as yet another effort to limit gun rights in the aftermath of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that expanded those rights. This is a common tactic employed by politicians in states leaning liberal, where there is a persistent drive to restrict gun ownership.

In addition to gun control measures, the governor's emergency orders encompass monthly inspections of firearms dealers throughout the state, reporting on gunshot victims at New Mexico hospitals, and voluntary gun buyback programs. It's apparent that Lujan Grisham is leveraging her authority to advance her progressive agenda in New Mexico while ostensibly doing so in the name of public safety. This approach is fraught with risks, particularly concerning the rights of law-abiding citizens. Let's hope that the courts scrutinize her agenda and uphold the constitutional rights of the populace.



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