Tuberville Slams Ret. Gen. Hayden on Excess Drinking: Reality Check Needed!

In a recent incident, retired General and former CIA Director Michael Hayden made a concerning statement on social media about Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville. Hayden’s post seemed to suggest a death wish for Tuberville, which understandably drew backlash from many.

Tuberville, known for his principled stance against abortion tourism and his opposition to senior military promotions, expressed disappointment and called for an apology from Hayden.

Tuberville also criticized Hayden’s behavior, stating that he shouldn’t drink every day and that his actions were uncalled for. Tuberville then released an official statement, condemning Hayden’s comments as a politically motivated assassination and calling for him to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He also called out Democrats for their silence on the matter and reminded America of Hayden’s record of failure and collusion.

Tuberville urged for an end to the lies and propaganda and for reckless statements like Hayden’s to be condemned. This incident highlights the stark contrast between Tuberville’s credibility and Hayden’s years as a provocateur and fabulist.

Written by Staff Reports

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