White House Offers Absurd Excuse For Ignoring Title 42 Issue

The White House defended its strategy on the border with Mexico. It noted that people who are warning about a potential increase in immigration are reinforcing criminal organizations.

Through Title 42, border agents were able to quickly deport hundreds of thousands immigrants without hearing their asylum requests. With the policy set to end on Wednesday, officials warned that up to 50,000 people could be waiting to cross the border.

According to Biden's press secretary, those who are raising the alarm about an imminent border crisis are sending a message to would-be immigrants.

"The White House noted that the border is not closed despite the removal of Title 42. Those who claim otherwise are merely doing the work of smugglers."

The smugglers “are spreading misinformation,” she added.

Members of Congress raised concerns about the administration's readiness for the end of Title 42. On Saturday, the Democratic mayor of El Paso declared a state emergency due to the high number of immigrants being detained.

According to Congressman Henry Cuellar, the White House has been playing on the border security issue for two years. He noted that the administration has been talking about plans while blaming Republicans and Congress for not acting.

Despite the administration's request for over $3 billion, Congressman Henry Cuellar noted that the funds are mainly used for food and shelter. He also said that the security portion of the request is not focused on addressing the issue.

Despite the administration's decision not to challenge the implementation of the rollback, Jean-Pierre maintained that the process that the administration has been following will not change.

"She noted that once Title 42 is no longer in effect, the administration will revert to the previous system, which is known as Title 8. This allows for a process that will allow immigrants to have their cases heard."

The White House also noted that Congress should approve the president's budget to help with the border enforcement.

Jean-Pierre also noted that if Congress is serious about addressing the border crisis, it should work with the administration on the issue.

Since Joe Biden became the president, the White House has not visited the border. Instead, the president has been focused on finding solutions and ensuring that the resources are there to address the issue.

When asked about his plans to visit the border, Biden said that he had other important things to focus on.

Although the White House did not confirm reports about various changes to the immigration policies, such as a ban on transit systems for people from Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua, Jean-Pierre maintained that the administration was still putting resources to the border.


The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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