WWII Bomb Washes Up: Bomb Squad & Military Defuse Beach Threat!

As the countdown to New Year's Eve began, an unexpected spectacle unfolded along the shores of Pajaro Dunes in Santa Cruz. Nature's fury, courtesy of recent storms, unveiled a peculiar surprise—a seemingly suspicious object emerged amidst the debris, prompting a swift response from the Santa Cruz bomb squad.

What seemed like a potential threat turned out to be a relic of the past—a dormant military ordnance from a bygone era. With caution as their guide, the diligent bomb team confirmed its inert state and efficiently removed it from the beach. However, the saga didn't conclude there.

Joining the narrative were personnel from Travis Air Force Base, adding another layer of expertise to handle the situation. Surmising that the relic had been stirred from its tranquil ocean dwelling by the relentless coastal surges, experts meticulously examined the artifact.

Following a comprehensive visual inspection and an on-site X-ray scan, the verdict came in—a sigh of relief resonated as the item received the green light. Revealing its identity as a U.S. WWII-era Navy practice bomb, model Mk 15, Mod 2, a spokesperson from Travis Air Force Base shed light on its historical significance.

Now under the watchful eye of Travis Explosive Ordnance Disposal, this piece of history remains safeguarded, ensuring peace of mind for beachgoers and preventing future concerns.


Written by Staff Reports

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