WWII Vet, 100, Says “I Do” Near D-Day Beaches

One-hundred-year-old WWII hero Harold Terens, a tough cookie from Florida, is getting hitched to his sweetheart Jeanne Swerlin on the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Terens, a real go-getter as a corporal in the US Army Air Forces, fixed radios on those P-47 Thunderbolt planes like a pro coming back from France on D-Day. (RELATED: A Love Story for the Ages: 80-Year-Old WWII Vet Getting Married Near D-Day Beaches)

Both Terens and Swerlin, who hail from the Big Apple, know a thing or two about life and love after being widowed. This spunky duo has been hitting it off since 2021, enjoying whirls on the dance floor and sharing sweet moments together.

Swerlin, a sassy 96-year-old, says, “Love knows no age limit. We still get those flutters in our tummies, just like the youngsters do.” Ain’t that the truth!

When Terens popped the big question a bit back, he did it in style, getting on one knee like a gentleman. Swerlin joked, “I thought I’d have to give him a hand getting back up, but he’s still got the muscle!” She even spilled the beans, saying, “He’s a top-notch kisser!”

Terens ain’t shy about his feelings, saying, “She’s the bee’s knees — a real gem.”

After honoring the freeing of France from the lousy Nazis 80 years ago, the lovebirds are tying the knot in France. The Mayor Jean-Pierre Lhonneur will officiate the ceremony in Carentan-les-Marais. France sure holds a special place in Terens’ heart, both for his brave service and now as a groom once again. It’s a real tearjerker, folks!

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