10K Illegals Flood Eagle Pass in 24hrs: Biden’s Border Disaster Exposed!

In a truly shocking turn of events, over 10,000 illegal migrants have boldly crossed into Eagle Pass, Texas within the span of just 24 hours. Cue the emergency sirens and grab your popcorn, folks, because this small border town is in full-blown crisis mode.

Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Republican superstar, saw this madness coming from a mile away. He had the brilliant idea to reinstall razor wire fences along the border after those pesky federal officials went and cut them down. You can’t blame him for trying to keep the lawless chaos at bay!

But alas, Gov. Abbott’s efforts were in vain, as another 250 illegal migrants were already waiting to be processed before the sun even rose on a gloomy Thursday morning. And guess what? There are hundreds more on the way! The situation is so overwhelming that even the town’s residents are shaking their heads in disbelief, claiming this is the worst crisis they’ve ever witnessed. And I thought the drama on reality TV was intense!

Of course, Gov. Abbott is not one to shy away from pointing fingers. He’s squarely placed the blame on the Biden Administration for “opening the floodgates” and allowing these unauthorized invaders to wreak havoc on Texas’ already struggling shelters and resources. Can you blame him? If someone cut your safety net, you’d be fuming too!

Not one to mince words, Gov. Abbott took to Twitter to express his frustrations, sharing how the razor wire fences installed in Eagle Pass to deter illegal crossings were torn down. Talk about an open invitation for illegal immigrants! It’s almost like the Biden Administration is handing out VIP passes to every single person who wants to storm our border. Is there a bouncer anywhere?

In a desperate attempt to regain some control, Gov. Abbott swiftly deployed additional Texas National Guardsmen to repel these unauthorized intruders while reinforcing the border with razor wire. It’s like a real-life game of cat and mouse, folks. Who will win? The courageous Texas National Guard or the sneaky illegal immigrants? Let the games commence!

And if you thought things couldn’t get any spicier, Mayor Rolando Salinas of Eagle Pass declared a state of emergency. Can you imagine? The population of this town is just 29,000, and a whopping 2,500 people crossed into it on Monday alone. That’s like the entire town being invaded by a horde of strangers who can’t read a map! The audacity!

To really drive the point home, a tragic incident occurred earlier this week when a three-year-old boy drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande with his family. It’s a painful reminder that the town’s hospitals are already overwhelmed. But hey, who needs functioning hospitals when we can have more unauthorized immigrants, right?

Just when you thought the chaos couldn’t get any weirder, NewsNation reported that the line for processing these illegal immigrants on Wednesday stretched for an astonishing five miles and ended up back in Mexico. Talk about a never-ending line! It’s like waiting for the newest iPhone, but instead, it’s people waiting to enter a country illegally. The irony is simply too much!

Even though a federal judge initially ordered the state of Texas to remove the razor-wire buoys along the Rio Grande River, a U.S. appeals court had the good sense to overturn that ruling. Thank goodness for common sense prevailing! We need those barriers to stop the flow of unauthorized migrants before we all drown in chaos.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a border crisis of epic proportions in the small town of Eagle Pass, Texas. It’s a true spectacle that could only happen under the leadership of President Joe Biden. If this is what they call “compassionate immigration policies,” then I fear for the future of our great nation. We need strong leaders who will protect our borders and our communities, not ones who will turn a blind eye to this chaos. It’s time to take action and secure our borders, one razor wire fence at a time!

Written by Staff Reports

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