Biden’s Sly Scheme to Lock Leftists in Govt Exposed!

The strategic initiative of President Joe Biden to consolidate left-wing influence throughout the nation's bureaucracy has become publicly evident. According to a story published by the New York Sun, the Biden administration is enacting steps that might provide significant challenges for future Republican presidents in their attempts to exert control over the influential left-leaning bureaucracy. This strategic maneuver is intended to secure the continuity of the present administration's policies, regardless of any alterations in the political environment.

The observed approach seems to involve the integration of left-wing policies within the bureaucratic apparatus, rendering them more resistant to subsequent alteration or repeal without substantial exertion. This implies that regardless of the future occupant of the Oval Office, the left-leaning deep state will maintain its influence, thereby impeding the advancement of any conservative policy objectives.

The numerical data provides compelling evidence. Out of the total population of 2.2 million federal civil employees, a relatively small proportion of 4,000 individuals hold positions as presidential appointees. The extant workforce is safeguarded by regulations that impose significant challenges in terms of disciplining or replacing them. Moreover, it is worth noting that The majority of their support is directed towards the Democratic Party. Based on data from Open Secrets, it is observed that a significant majority of unionized federal employees, up to 95 percent, contribute to political candidates affiliated with the Democratic Party, while a comparatively small proportion of 5 percent extend their support to candidates associated with the Republican Party. This prejudice raises doubts about the significance of participating in the electoral process, since it suggests that the deep state operates with its own distinct objectives.

It is not surprising that Republican candidates, such as President Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Governor DeSantis, are expressing their determination to counteract this obstructionist behavior. The recognition of the significance lies in ensuring that high-ranking career bureaucrats effectively execute the agenda of the president, rather than pursuing their own objectives. However, it is asserted by Everett Kelley, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, that this situation is primarily concerned with the act of politicizing ordinary governmental tasks. The statement made is unsubstantiated and lacks credibility. The focus of our discussion does not pertain to postal workers, but rather pertains to intellectually accomplished government officials who are expected to prioritize public service over the promotion of their own liberal ideas.

Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge President Biden's prompt withdrawal of former President Trump's executive order, commonly referred to as Schedule F. The objective of this order was to eliminate employment safeguards for federal employees with long-term careers, thereby transforming them into political appointees who could be terminated without constraint. The intention behind this action was to prevent an excessive concentration of power within the executive branch by limiting the influence of the bureaucracy. However, President Biden aims to preserve the existing state of affairs, prioritizing the preservation of job security for workers, even in cases where their roles may be subject to reclassification. This action is a deliberate endeavor to solidify left-wing dominance throughout the bureaucratic system.

The utilization of covert strategies not only hinders the smooth transfer of authority but also presents a peril to the integrity of the democratic procedure. If there is a consistent conflict between Republican presidents and an inflexible bureaucracy, it is likely that tensions will escalate, thereby exacerbating the existing divisions within the nation. It is imperative for Republicans to assert themselves and counteract President Biden's strategy to sustain left-wing hegemony inside the bureaucracy. The fate of our democracy hinges upon this matter.

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