Abortion Activist Jailed: Trump Appointees Save the Day!

A feisty and fiery battle has erupted in Washington, D.C. as a judge orders the notorious abortion activist, Lauren Handy, to remain behind bars. This decision comes despite the fact that nobody was physically harmed by her actions. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a staunch defender of abortion rights (she even believes it’s in the Constitution, can you believe it?), denied Handy’s request for release. Thankfully, the U.S. Court of Appeals, with a few Trump appointees among them, refused to let this activist walk free. Hallelujah!

One of these Trump-appointed judges, Gregory Katsas, expressed some reservations about Handy’s lawyers’ arguments. He claimed they failed to prove that her actions didn’t match the definition of “violence.” Well, well, well, lawyers dropping the ball there. It’s a good thing this judge didn’t let them slide. Handy’s attorneys, however, wasted no time in filing an expedited appeal. Is there no end to their audacity?

Now, let’s not overlook the larger pattern here, folks. A left-wing pro-life group, the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), created quite the ruckus outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic. And do you know what happened just days before this incident? Handy and Terrisa Bukovinac, a Democratic presidential candidate (yes, you heard that right), stumbled upon 115 baby remains in a waste box at the clinic. Sickening, isn’t it?

But here’s the truly mind-boggling part. Five of those babies could have potentially been killed after being born, which is against federal law! Yet, who is the D.C. police investigating? Not the clinic, of course. Oh no, they’re busy scrutinizing PAAU’s methods of discovery. It’s a twisted world we live in when protecting the lives of innocent babies takes a backseat to persecuting those trying to expose the truth.

And let’s not forget the blatant bias of law enforcement. Pro-life activists have consistently faced unjust charges and investigations, while pro-abortion activists get a free pass. They’ve even bombed pro-life pregnancy centers! Can you imagine the outrage if pro-life activists engaged in such acts? But no, apparently only threats against women’s health facilities matter. It’s a deeply troubling double standard driven by a biased agenda.

Thankfully, Representative Chip Roy from the great state of Texas and his 25 co-sponsors are fighting back. They’ve introduced legislation to repeal the FACE Act, a victory that would strike a significant blow to the pro-abortion movement. Sadly, with Democrats controlling the Senate and a Democrat president, chances of its passage are slim. But let’s keep fighting the good fight and advocating for the rights of the unborn! We won’t back down, even in the face of overwhelming opposition. Onward, conservatives!

Written by Staff Reports

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