AFL Dismantles DHS Panel, Safeguards Free Speech from Biden Overreach

America First Legal (AFL), a powerhouse for fighting against threats to American freedoms, has achieved a significant win against the Biden Administration. AFL pushed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to dissolve a panel of so-called “experts” that posed a danger to the cherished right of free speech for Americans. This victory is crucial in protecting the liberties that make America great.

The individuals brought onto this panel by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, like James Clapper and John Brennan, have a tarnished record with accusations of lying to Congress. Clapper and Brennan were instrumental in discrediting the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election. This misleading information had a favorable impact for Biden, raising alarms about the credibility of these so-called “experts.”

Mayorkas claimed that the panel would gather intelligence to safeguard America, but this assertion was rightly questioned by Senator Josh Hawley and other concerned Republicans. Hawley raised valid doubts about the motivations behind including tainted individuals in a group supposedly focused on national security. It’s crucial to scrutinize who holds power in shaping policies that affect the American people.

The AFL’s decisive action in threatening a lawsuit against DHS forced the Biden Administration to dissolve the panel. AFL’s lawsuit highlighted the panel’s overwhelming bias towards the Democratic Party, which directly contravened federal law. This legal victory ensures that partisan agendas do not override the principles of fairness and impartiality in governmental decision-making processes.

Under the pressure from AFL, DHS chose to disband the panel and hand over documents related to its activities. AFL President Stephen Miller rightly expressed this triumph as a defeat for Mayorkas and Biden. The dismantling of this panel signifies a win for transparency and accountability in government operations, serving as a reminder that the conservative values of justice and free speech must always prevail.

Written by Staff Reports

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