AFP Invests Heavily in Ads to Criticize Biden’s Economic Policies

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political group, is putting a lot of money into battleground states to highlight the problems caused by President Joe Biden’s economic policies. Founded by Charles and David Koch, the organization is spending a large amount on digital and connected TV ads, aiming to help Republicans win in several Senate and House races. According to the group, they want to make sure that politicians and others in Washington, D.C understand the impact of Biden’s policies.

The ads, called “Costing Americans More,” claim that Biden’s economic plans, known as “Bidenomics,” are failing families across the country. AFP’s vice president, Akash Chougule, expressed that families are feeling the negative effects of these policies, and the organization aims to call attention to the high costs of them. They believe that the economic problems caused by Biden’s policies are a direct result of Congress’s support for them. 


The targeted Senate races include those of Senators Jon Tester, Jacky Rosen, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, and Tammy Baldwin. Additionally, the group is focusing on House races involving several Democratic representatives. This spending comes after a similar campaign in March, which was even larger in scope. AFP’s strategy also includes a website,, and plans for an economic-focused voter listening tour.

As inflation becomes a growing concern, with consumer prices rising by 3.5% compared to last year, and by 0.4% compared to March, President Biden’s economic approval stands at a net negative 18.5 percentage points. AFP’s efforts to highlight these issues align with their goal of showing the detrimental effects of Biden’s policies, particularly as the country moves closer to the upcoming elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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