Anonymous Pentagon officials trash Tucker Carlson: ‘Good riddance’ to military critic

Pentagon officials, who prefer not to be named, have taken the opportunity to trash Tucker Carlson — a conservative journalist and TV personality who recently departed from Fox News — in an interview with Politico. These anonymous Pentagon officials hailed Carlson’s exit as a victory for the US military, stating, “We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people.” Another official was quoted as saying, “Good riddance.” Politico also reported that Carlson’s viewpoints on the military have been appealing to rank-and-file military personnel.

Carlson’s critiques of the Biden administration, including criticism on their stance on aid to Ukraine and claims that the military had made a “mockery” by adopting maternity flight suits and changing hairstyle regulations, had led to a response from Pentagon press secretary John Kirby. Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe also shared his thoughts on Carlson’s criticism.

Interestingly, Fox News settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million just a few days prior to Carlson’s exit. This served to avoid a trial that could have seen Carlson and other network personalities forced to testify. In response to the anonymous officials’ criticism, Carlson told Politico, “Ha! I’m sure.”

NewsNation solutions reporter Zaid Jeilani criticised Politico for granting anonymity to the officials who criticised Carlson after his departure, commenting on Twitter that it was “weird” that the military went to Politico to “cheer on” a journalist who no longer has a TV show. columnist Kurt Schlichter, who is also a retired Army colonel, also criticised the anonymous Pentagon employees on Twitter, calling their comments a “freaking disgrace.”

It is worth noting that Politico had previously referred to the topic discussed as “politically sensitive.” However, the officials’ statements may have only served to remind people of how easily physical standards are ignored by those considered invertebrates.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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