Another Blunder! Justice Jackson Stumbles Yet Again on Affirmative Action

The liberal media went into a frenzy when the Supreme Court ruled that affirmative action in higher education applications was unconstitutional. Progressive commentators raged for a few days before the issue quickly died down. In reality, not even black Americans were in favor of the practice. In fact, 63 percent of Americans oppose affirmative action, with Asian Americans being one of the most outspoken communities against it. Despite this, the liberal media tried to manufacture the narrative that Asians support affirmative action, even though 76 percent of them believe race or ethnicity should not be considered in college admissions.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s dissent in the companion case, Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina, raised eyebrows as she cited questionable data to justify affirmative action. She claimed that black babies would die if the policy for college applications was eliminated. However, the Association of American Medical Colleges, who filed an amicus brief in the case, asked for a correction because the math simply didn’t add up. Furthermore, the data supporting the idea that black doctors can better treat black patients when it comes to pain management is scarce at best. It seems Justice Jackson used selective studies to support her opinion, playing into confirmation bias.

Overall, the issue of affirmative action is not as controversial as the Left would like to make it seem. Race-blind admissions and hiring practices are widely accepted and are not seen as a negative thing. It’s time for the Left to move on and focus their legal energies on more pressing matters, such as the investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden. The former is facing potential impeachment inquiries, while the latter could be headed to prison. The Left’s obsession with affirmative action is a waste of time and doesn’t serve any purpose other than stroking their own egos.

Written by Staff Reports

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