Supreme Court Crushes Affirmative Action: Left Whines, America Wins!

The disastrous practice of affirmative action in higher education has finally been dealt a crushing blow by the Supreme Court. Liberal America went into a tailspin when the ruling was announced in July, but their outrage quickly died down when it became clear that not even black Americans supported this discriminatory protocol. It turns out that the majority of Americans, a whopping 63 percent, oppose affirmative action procedures. Even Asian Americans, who the liberal media tried to portray as supporters of affirmative action, made it clear that they believe race or ethnicity should not be considered in the college application process.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, in her dissenting opinion in the case of Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina, raised eyebrows when she used shoddy data to justify the use of affirmative action. She argued that black babies would die if this policy was abolished because apparently, only black physicians can treat black patients properly. However, the Association of American Medical Colleges called for a correction to be issued because, mathematically speaking, Jackson’s claim is impossible. It seems that her dissent was nothing more than an attempt to manipulate the facts to justify a discriminatory practice.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the studies cited by Justice Jackson to support her claim do not actually provide evidence that black physicians are more effective in treating black patients. The studies focus on issues of racial disparities in pain management and access to medical treatment, rather than the race of the treating physicians. It is clear that Jackson selectively used these studies to confirm her own bias and push her agenda.

It’s now August, and the Left’s attempts to rally support for affirmative action have fallen flat. The fact is that race-blind admissions and hiring practices are not controversial. The Left needs to accept that this practice is no longer desired or needed. Their legal energy would be better spent focusing on the troubling scandals surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden. Joe Biden is facing potential impeachment inquiries, while Hunter Biden is potentially facing prison time. These are the real issues that the Left should be concerned about, not a failed policy that discriminates against individuals based on their race.

It’s time for America to move forward and embrace equal opportunity for all, regardless of race or ethnicity. Affirmative action has served its purpose, and its demise should be celebrated. It’s time for the liberal ego to take a back seat, and for the left to start focusing on the real issues that affect our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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