Oversight GOP Shreds Raskin’s Hunter Biden Narrative with Knockout Reply!

The Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee prevented Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from disseminating misinformation about the case of Hunter Biden, from doing so. Raskin claimed that the Republicans had been hiding the transcript of the interview with the FBI agent, but the Republicans quickly disputed this claim, as they had already sent it to the Democrats. He was left scrambling to defend himself.

The purpose of the testimony of the agent is to provide independent confirmation of the events that the IRS whistleblowers have described.

The committee made it clear that the testimony of the FBI agent would not affect what the whistleblowers have already said.

Raskin conveniently omitted Laura Dehmlow's statement regarding the authenticity of Biden's laptop. According to her, the FBI confirmed the device's authenticity, but it prevented its members from disseminating it.

The confrontation between Raskin and the committee's Republicans serves as a clear example of how the Democrats try to downplay the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden. They are desperate to distance themselves from the vice president's son, but the evidence against him is mounting.

Adding to the scrutiny is the fact that Hunter's business partner, Devon Archer, will be interviewed by the House Oversight Committee. The Democrats' spin tactics are not fooling anybody, and the truth will eventually emerge.

The committee's Republican members deserve credit for exposing the lies that Raskin spread. They were able to shut him down and hold him accountable, which shows that they are serious about investigating government officials. It's refreshing to see that Republicans are not afraid to speak out against the Democrats' attempts to mislead the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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