AOC Furious at Christie’s Unforgivable Dig at First Lady

Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie got a harsh reprimand from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the offensive things he said about First Lady Jill Biden at the recent debate. Christie openly said that Mrs. Biden, who is a member of the teachers union, was sleeping with President Biden, suggesting that this relationship made it harder for the president to deal with problems with the unions.

Not surprise, Ocasio-Cortez didn't hold back when she told him she didn't like what he said. She said in a tweet, "It's disgusting and sexist, and Republicans are welcome to keep making women across the country angry. We will see you at the polls." Ocasio-Cortez seems ready to get women to speak out against rude comments like these.

In order to defend what he said, Christie said even worse things about Mrs. Biden, calling her "a radical advocate for the worst in the teachers union." Christie refused to back down, saying on CNN, "I am standing by the wording…" She wasn't bothered by the controversy. It's probably the best part of my day so far to be called disgusting by a liar like Ocasio-Cortez. Christie even challenged Ocasio-Cortez to say anything bad about him, saying that her deeds don't match up with what she says.

This fight is clearly not over, and as the election season gets up, we can expect more fights between these strong-willed people. Watch this fight to see how it goes!

Written by Staff Reports

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