Biden’s 15min Union Act Before Cozying up to Wealthy Elites

President Joe Biden’s highly anticipated visit to Michigan to show support for the striking United Auto Workers union members turned out to be nothing more than a quick photo-op, lasting a mere 15 minutes. Biden, with his usual flair for empty gestures, stood alongside the union members for a grand total of 12 minutes before abandoning them for a campaign fundraiser in California. It’s clear where Biden’s priorities lie – with wealthy Democrat elitists rather than hardworking American workers.

Wearing a UAW cap and a fleece pullover with the presidential seal, Biden briefly joined the striking UAW members outside a parts distribution center. He delivered a few generic remarks, attempting to play up his “union Joe” persona before disappearing into the crowd. It’s a classic move from Biden – talking the talk but never walking the walk. He pays lip service to the struggles of the working class while hobnobbing with the wealthy elite.

But Biden’s support for the UAW strike may ultimately backfire. The demands and tactics of the union could turn public sentiment against them. The UAW is demanding a 20% immediate wage increase and a staggering 40% increase over the next few years, among other extravagant requests. These demands are out of touch with reality and could cause unnecessary pain for American consumers. As the strike continues and parts distribution centers remain shut down, average Americans are left without replacement parts for their vehicles. The inconveniences caused by the strike may lead to a decline in public support for the union and for Biden’s solidarity with them.

And what does Biden do immediately after his stint on the picket line? He jets off to California’s Bay Area for a high-dollar fundraiser with the wealthy elites. Tickets for the event ranged from $5,000 to $100,000 – a sum that 99% of Americans can only dream of affording. It’s clear that Biden’s real concern is not for the working class, but for buttering up the wealthy donors who can fuel his campaign. This is the same Biden who claims to fight for the middle class while cozying up to the wealthy few.

It’s no surprise that Biden chose California as his fundraising destination. His campaign is facing difficult polls, with head-to-head matchups against Donald Trump showing Biden trailing or barely keeping up. He needs a boost, and what better place to find it than among the deep-pocketed liberals in the Bay Area? But this only reinforces the perception that Biden is out of touch with ordinary Americans. While he’s rubbing shoulders with Silicon Valley billionaires, the rest of the country is struggling with rising costs and stagnant wages.

In the end, Biden’s visit to Michigan was nothing more than an empty gesture, a performance for the cameras. It’s clear where his true loyalties lie – with the wealthy elite and his own political ambitions. The working class deserves better than a president who abandons them for the sake of campaign donations. It’s time for Americans to see through Biden’s facade and demand real action and results, not just empty speeches and jet-setting fundraising events.

Written by Staff Reports

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