AP Poll: 76% of Americans Disappointed with Biden’s Economic Policies as Inflation Looms

The latest AP poll has revealed how disappointed the American people have become with Biden’s presidency. A whopping 76% of adults view the economy as in a state of decline, with only 24% rating it positively. Democrats are more optimistic than Republicans, as they always seem to be. Not surprisingly, Biden’s handling of the economy has received a negative view, with only a third of the population approving of his policies. It’s unfortunate to see that Biden’s failed policies continue to weigh down Americans’ livelihoods.

Bob Vought, a retired auto parts warehouse manager in Florida, is highly critical of Biden’s economic policies, expressing his fears of inflation caused by massive overspending. Vought is annoyed with increasing rental costs and the price of essential food items, which are never affordable for the elderly like him, even if he has a Social Security benefit. He believes Biden’s policies will only worsen the already volatile economy.

Zoie Mosqueda, who works at a boutique and dreams of owning a business, expressed her dissatisfaction with Biden’s performance. Mosqueda’s dream of buying her first home seems impossible due to the high mortgage interest rates under Biden’s administration, which is currently hovering around 6.9%. Mosqueda is merely one of the millions who are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living under Biden’s regime. It’s evident that Biden’s policies have made it difficult for working-class Americans to achieve their dreams.

Karen D’Andrea, a 64-year-old Democrat residing in Florida lost her job twice during the pandemic and is now struggling to find stable employment. Despite being laid off twice, D’Andrea claimed it was her opinion that people with the same mindset as her believed “our best days are behind us.” Her unfortunate and demotivating sentiment is a reflection of the administration’s ineptitude, causing people to lose faith and hope in a better future.

It’s evident that Biden’s presidency has brought nothing but disappointment and instability. To make America great again, as promised by Republicans, both sides need to work together to foster an environment that encourages prosperity. Until then, Americans will continue to face the consequences of Biden’s failed policies.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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