Apple, Pfizer, BlackRock CEOs Applaud China’s Dictator in Shocking Display

The recent San Francisco visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping has stirred discontent and confusion among many Americans. The overwhelming display of Chinese flags along the streets, juxtaposed with the absence of the U.S. national flag, left observers uneasy. Reporter Nick Sortor shared his dissatisfaction on social media, questioning whether others shared his sentiment, emphasizing the visual impact that stirred emotions.

President Xi's visit garnered a warm reception from President Joe Biden, who hosted him for various engagements, including a dinner with influential American business leaders. During this event, Xi sought to charm and enlist their support to alleviate tensions between the U.S. and China. CEOs and representatives from prominent companies like Apple, BlackRock, Boeing, FedEx, and Pfizer attended, reportedly giving Xi a standing ovation, creating an atmosphere of adulation.

Despite the positive reception, not everyone was swayed by Xi's charm offensive. An anonymous business executive present at the dinner dismissed the president's speech as "propaganda at its finest." The overly favorable tone of the dinner extended throughout the week, causing discomfort among many Americans. Preceding the visit, concerns were raised about the city's concerted effort to address its homeless problem in preparation for Xi's arrival. This prompted questions about Governor Gavin Newsom's priorities, as his focus appeared more on impressing the Chinese leader than addressing the needs of local constituents.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan criticized the Democrats for their handling of Xi's visit, highlighting the apparent contradiction of prioritizing a foreign leader over domestic issues. Jordan bluntly pointed out the disparity between efforts to enhance the city for a foreign communist leader and the neglect of daily challenges faced by American citizens, intensifying the frustration felt by many.

In summary, President Xi Jinping's visit has left an enduring negative impression on Americans. The conspicuous display of Chinese flags, the opulent dinner with business leaders, and the perceived neglect of domestic concerns have widened the gap between the American people and their leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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