Biased Alert! GOP Debate Mod Praises ‘Amazing’ Hillary at Clinton Event

Fox News personality and co-moderator for the GOP primary debate, Dana Perino, recently found herself in hot water after hosting a panel at the Clinton Foundation and introducing Hillary Clinton as “amazing.” As a conservative Republican, this news is incredibly concerning. How can we trust the fairness and impartiality of a debate moderator who openly praises a twice-failed presidential candidate from the opposing party?

Adding insult to injury, the Republican National Committee (RNC) made the questionable decision to include Univision in the debate. This move has angered many conservative voters, as Univision is known for pushing leftist talking points. It’s no wonder that the debate became “unwatchable,” with moderators asking about gun violence, amnesty, and Obamacare. These are not the issues that matter to Republican voters, and it’s disheartening to see the RNC giving a platform to those who do not align with conservative values.

The concerns over the debate moderators didn’t end there. Dana Perino faced criticism for providing what many described as an assist to former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. During the debate, Perino chose to respond to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by mentioning Haley’s husband, who is currently serving in the military. This seemed like a deliberate attempt to deflect from DeSantis’ powerful statement about his own military service. It’s clear that Perino’s biases may have influenced her handling of the debate.

All of these incidents ultimately lead to one conclusion: it’s no wonder that Donald Trump chose to skip the GOP debate. With a moderator like Perino, who has shown support for Clinton in the past, it’s hard to believe that the debate would have been fair and balanced. Trump’s decision to focus on speaking to union members and doing his own interviews is a testament to his understanding of the media bias against him. It’s time for the Republican party to take a stand and demand fair treatment in the debates.

In the end, it’s crucial that we have unbiased and impartial moderators who can create an environment for meaningful debate and discussion. The inclusion of Univision and the actions of Dana Perino as a moderator only serve to perpetuate the progressive agenda and undermine the values of the conservative movement. It’s time for the Republican party to demand better and ensure that future debates are fair and balanced.

Written by Staff Reports

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