Biden Administration Assaults American Faith, Breaks Commandments

The decline of America’s Christian values and the undermining of the Ten Commandments under the leadership of President Joe Biden are reasons for concern. The Western Journal is set to uncover how the Biden administration is eroding our nation’s commitment to each of the Ten Commandments. But first, let’s address some burning questions.

America’s Christian RootsThe influence of the Ten Commandments on the Western world’s justice systems, particularly in America, is undeniable. Christian values and principles extracted from the Bible significantly shaped our system of government. America was unequivocally a Christian nation from its inception, and this is mirrored in the designs of the U.S. Supreme Court building and the practices of our legal system.

The Attempt to Diminish God’s Law
Efforts to remove displays of the Ten Commandments from courthouses across the country by atheists and anti-Christian groups are concerning. The unique concept that all individuals are bound by these laws under the divine authority of God sets the Ten Commandments apart from similar moral codes.

God’s Law or “Common Sense?”
The Ten Commandments serve as the foundation for many legal concepts, including the notion that kings are subject to the law. Similar concepts of universal/unalienable rights also originated from these biblical principles, as reflected in the Declaration of Independence.

The Ten Commandments Allow Freedom to Flourish
Contrary to popular belief, the Ten Commandments do not restrict freedom but actually offer freedom and reflect God’s character. Countries thoroughly influenced by Christian values have experienced true liberty.

Didn’t Christ’s Death Render the Ten Commandments Moot?
While following the law is not necessary for salvation, it remains essential and good. Abandoning the Ten Commandments is tantamount to abandoning God’s holiness.

President Biden and his followers have a God-given responsibility to uphold what is right, but the administration’s actions and rhetoric have taken active steps to encourage others to break the Ten Commandments. This is an urgent issue that The Western Journal is ready to uncover in its series, holding the administration accountable for this grave violation.


Written by Staff Reports

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