Biden Confounds Pious: Unveiling his Disregard for the Ten Commandments!

America’s progressive decline under President Joe Biden’s administration is a stark departure from the nation’s Christian values, which have been the foundation of its success. The Western Journal is launching a series that will examine how the Biden administration is undermining the Ten Commandments, a cornerstone of Christian principles. Despite attempts to erase the influence of the Ten Commandments in American society, their significance cannot be denied. The commandments have shaped the country’s legal system and have been cited more frequently than the writings of Locke during the founding era.



The influence of the commandments can be seen in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, among other founding documents. The Biden administration’s rejection of these values is a regression for the country and has led to negative consequences. Throughout the series, The Western Journal will hold the administration accountable for its violation of God’s commandments and highlight the disastrous outcomes of its actions. The fight against the progressive agenda is one that The Western Journal is committed to, and reader support is essential in this battle to uphold truth and defend American values.

Written by Staff Reports

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