Biden Administration Exposed: Silencing Conservative Businesses Uncovered!

The US Small Business Committee is looking into the activities of the Biden Administration, including its funding and collaboration with non-profit organizations and social media platforms that target political groups. This is a violation of the First Amendment rights protected by these businesses.

The investigation was launched by the Chairmen of the Committees on Small Business and Oversight, Beth Van Duyne and Roger Williams. They made a joint statement to James Rubin, the State Department's Special Envoy for Global Engagement, about the government's actions that have affected the ability of small businesses to communicate their views.

The committee is concerned about the possible involvement of the Biden Administration in the removal of user-generated content from the internet. According to reports, the GEC and other federal agencies have worked with private firms to prevent these types of content from being posted on the internet. This could have a chilling effect on the operations of conservative busi


The committee has also been informed about the activities of various investigative reports, such as the "Twitter Files" and "Disinformation Inc." These reports have revealed the true intentions of certain non-profit groups, such as the Global Disinfo Index, in targeting conservative businesses.

In response, the committee urged the GEC not to focus on facilitating harm to small businesses due to political beliefs or speech, but instead on protecting the country from foreign threats.

It is time for the Biden Administration to be held accountable for the actions that it has taken that have affected small businesses. To this end, the committee has requested the unredacted list of all the GEC grant recipients, as well as copies of all the documents related to the program's objective and purpose.

The members of the Small Business Committee are committed to protecting the country's small businesses. They are concerned about the government's actions against conservative businesses and are demanding that it stop interfering with their First Amendment rights.

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