Biden Admits No Place to Call ‘Home, Home’: Our Homeless President?

President Joe Biden is apparently facing a housing crisis of his own. While he resides at the White House during the work week, it seems his Wilmington, Delaware home is currently undergoing renovations, leaving him “homeless” on weekends. Unprompted, Biden approached reporters and stated, “I have no home to go to.” This raises some important questions about the extent of the renovations and why the Secret Service is involved. Maybe they’re installing security measures like visitor logs and drug-sniffing canines to keep out the Schedule II narcotics.

And let’s not forget the need for a secure place to store classified documents once Biden’s presidency is over. Hopefully, it won’t be next to his beloved ’67 Corvette in the garage. Despite his temporary housing challenge, Biden does have another home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he spent the day. While he may not be truly “homeless,” it does seem that Biden is a bit confused about how many homes he actually has. Perhaps he should take some pointers from Oliver Anthony on how to truly appreciate the concept of home.

Written by Staff Reports

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