Jill Biden Leads 2024 Charge: Joe’s Incompetence Unmasked

Most Americans can now see that Joe Biden isn't very good at his job and that his mental and physical health aren't great. Still, he has no shame and keeps running for a second term. Now, it looks like his wife, Jill Biden, is running his campaign for re-election in 2024.

A local NBC station in Wisconsin said that Jill Biden recently went to Madison, where she talked with Democratic Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Senator Tammy Baldwin to support her husband's re-election campaign. She went to a cancer research center as part of Biden's "Cancer Moonshot Initiative" and took part in a roundtable talk about cancer and black women. Later, she went to a "educator appreciation event" with public school teachers and union members. Then, she joined Senator Baldwin at a campaign dinner.

It may not be a surprise that she is campaigning for and collecting money for Joe Biden, since CNN had already said that she planned to be a "active fundraiser" for her husband's re-election campaign. During the 2020 campaign, she played a similar role. During solo trips across the country, she pushed for Joe Biden's policy plan, with a focus on swing states. The New York Times says that she will even travel around the world to get people to back her husband's role as leader of the free world.

It's clear that the fact that Jill Biden is being used more and more as a mouthpiece for her husband shows how hard it is for Joe Biden to campaign for a second term. Most Americans are worried about his age and the fact that he is not physically or mentally fit to be president. In fact, 68 percent of Americans, including 48 percent of Democrats, told ABC News that Biden was "too old." Also, a study done by NBC News showed that 68 percent of Americans were worried about Biden's health, with 55 percent having "major" worries. Even within the Democratic party, 43% of people said they were worried, which shows a big lack of trust.

More and more proof of corruption in the Biden family is adding fuel to the fire. Recently, more than 1,000 emails were found that show Joe Biden and his son Hunter were involved in and knew about shady business deals in other countries. Executive privilege has been used to keep hundreds of these emails from being seen by the public. This goes against Joe Biden's repeated claims that he doesn't know and makes it hard to believe that he is telling the truth.

The fact that Joe Biden's physical and mental health are not clear, and that he may have been involved in his son's shady business deals, makes for a troubling picture. It's becoming more and more obvious that he can't lead this country for another term. The people of the United States deserve a president who is smart, honest, and not crooked. It's time for a change in leadership that puts the American people's ideals and well-being first.

Written by Staff Reports

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