Biden and Trump Set for Fiery Showdown in First 2024 Debate

Buckle up, folks! The heavyweight showdown of 2024 is already shaping up to be one for the ages. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are gearing up for their first clash of the season, set for Thursday, June 27. This spectacle might tip the scales for both campaigns. After all, this isn’t the first rodeo for Biden and Trump; their 2020 debates were legendary for all the right and wrong reasons.

Remember when Trump essentially sent the liberal media into meltdown by refusing to endorse white supremacy and instead threw Antifa under the bus? Chris Wallace, the debate moderator, was more worked up than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, grilling Trump on the so-called violent right. Trump, always the showman, asked for names of groups to denounce, and Biden, ever the narrative machine, blurted out “Proud Boys” like it was a game of political bingo. Trump’s response had Proud Boys trending faster than a cat video on YouTube. But the real kicker? His declaration that the real problem in America lay with Antifa and the radical left, much to the dismay of his opponents.

And who could forget Biden’s moment of brilliance when he claimed Antifa was just “an idea”? That’s right, folks, not an organization wreaking havoc in cities coast to coast, but a mere figment of overactive imaginations. According to Biden, his very own FBI Director backed him up on this whimsical theory. Trump’s disbelief was palpable, essentially summing up what every level-headed American thought: “You gotta be kidding.”

Then there was the infamous “shut up, man” episode, where Biden’s frustration boiled over as they sparred on whether to pack the Supreme Court—a favorite pastime idea for the Democrats when they don’t get their way. Biden danced around the issue like he was auditioning for “Dancing with the Stars,” avoiding a straight answer, prompting Trump to call him out. Biden’s response? The phrase that became a meme in seconds: “Will you shut up, man?” Stay classy, Joe.

Fast forward to the Hunter Biden laptop saga, and who could forget Biden’s grand accusation during the debates? He painted Trump’s mention of the incriminating laptop as a Russian plant, a hoax, propaganda—take your pick. Biden rattled off an impressive list of “50 former national intelligence folks” who supposedly backed him up, only for the laptop’s authenticity to be confirmed later on. Hunter’s escapades had more credibility woes than a tabloid, but Biden tried to keep it under the rug.

Lastly, there was the moment when Biden tried to navigate the labyrinth of the Green New Deal. Trump cornered him, asking point-blank if he supported the ludicrously ambitious legislation pushed by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Biden’s denial came faster than a speeding ticket, much to the dismay of his progressive allies. Trump pounced on the moment, declaring that Biden had lost the radical Left’s support. Biden feebly touted his less extravagant version of a climate plan, but the damage was done.

With this history, the upcoming debate promises more fireworks than the Fourth of July. Grab your popcorn because Biden vs. Trump Round 1, 2024 edition, is about to light up the political arena.

Written by Staff Reports

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