Biden Baffles and Blunders in Friendly MSNBC Interview

Even in the most sympathetic venue possible, President Joe Biden couldn’t help but sound like a befuddled and disoriented octogenarian. Biden went on an incoherent rant during a phone interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with the ever-so-friendly co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. He complained about media biases against him and tried to verify events he couldn’t have witnessed, but the spectacle was tragic and humorous.

The most absurd part of the interview was Biden’s challenge to the supposed Democratic “elites” to run against him. This extraordinary proclamation almost seemed like a skit from a late-night comedy show rather than a serious comment from the President of the United States.

Biden’s disastrous performance during the June 27 debate with former President Donald Trump made one wonder how he managed to stumble through it. Stammering, speaking nonsense, and losing his train of thought, Biden looked more like a lost tourist than a nation leader. Since this debacle, numerous elected Democrats and friendly establishment media have urged Biden to step out of the 2024 race.

Yet, Biden, apparently backed by his lovely family members (who could forget Dr. Jill and good ol’ Hunter), has refused to back down. On “Morning Joe,” Biden tried to strike a pose of defiance, but it came off more like someone suffering from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome. Ranting about fixing COVID, he sounded as coherent as a broken record stuck in an endless loop of gibberish.

Adding to his fiasco, Biden revived the old “suckers and losers” hoax during the interview. Trying to personally corroborate a slanderous claim about Trump that even his fiercest critics have debunked, Biden nearly stumbled into admitting he was fabricating the story on the spot. Given his history of untruths and embellishments, it's almost poetic that he would try to pass off a lie as an undeniable fact.

The pinnacle of Biden’s meltdown came when he challenged fellow Democrats to unseat him at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Suffering from delusions of grandeur, he egged on potential challengers with irrational gusto. As if throwing an open invitation to a takedown party, Biden dared them to run against him. Much to the amusement of conservatives and perhaps the frustration of his colleagues, this part of the interview painted a picture of a party at war with itself.

Biden’s botched attempts to sound credible and coherent didn’t help his already diminished support base. This interview was just more fodder for those questioning his ability to lead. If Democrats take up his challenge, it will be the ultimate snake pit scenario where the party devours itself. Clearly, the Donkeys are in trouble, and Biden is riding this chaotic wagon right off the cliff.

Written by Staff Reports

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