Breitbart Editor Marlow Doubts Biden’s Nomination Chances Highlights Health Concerns

Breitbart, editor-in-chief and author of the New York Times bestselling book about the Biden administration, Alex Marlow, recently shared his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s chances of being the Democratic Party’s nominee for the upcoming election. In a conversation on Real America’s Voice’s “The Charlie Kirk Show,” Marlow expressed skepticism about Biden’s ability to secure a victory.

Marlow highlighted concerns about Biden’s health and effectiveness as a candidate, suggesting that it would take a “miracle” for him to win the election. He emphasized the importance of not becoming complacent and urged listeners to fight for every vote, warning that taking the election for granted would be a disservice to the country.

Discussing Biden’s resilience in the face of challenges, Marlow suggested that while Biden may continue with a defiant attitude, it might not be the most effective strategy for winning over voters. He pointed out potential risks, such as Biden’s health issues impacting his ability to campaign effectively.

Despite acknowledging Biden’s current status as the Democratic Party’s likely nominee, Marlow maintained a cautious stance, indicating that unforeseen events could still impact Biden’s candidacy. His remarks underscored the uncertainties surrounding Biden’s political future and the need for conservatives to remain vigilant in the lead-up to the election.

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