President Biden’s Early Bedtime: America Needs a Full-Time President, Not a Part-Time Sleeper

President Biden, the leader of the free world, has informed Democratic governors that he is cutting his workday short because he needs his beauty sleep. In a rather startling admission, Biden declared that he can’t function after 8 p.m. because he would be too tired to continue. It’s a wonder how the country is expected to tackle its myriad of 24/7 challenges when its commander-in-chief is essentially clocking out at a time when many Americans are just winding down from their first jobs.

Most folks in the real world don’t have the luxury of an early bedtime. Americans dealing with squeezing in a second shift, juggling family duties, or even answering that late-night emergency call from a client surely won’t get much sympathy when their president insists his day wraps up before prime-time TV. This isn’t a bedtime story, folks; this is the man responsible for national security, economic policies, and diplomatic relations.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, leaders are burning the midnight oil, finessing strategies, and engaging in high-stakes communications. The analogy of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind, but wait—the tortoise at least made it to the finish line. Biden’s administration appears more like a slow-moving nap fest, while adversaries like China and Russia are wide awake, formulating plans with the well-known vigor of night owls.

It’s worth noting that Biden’s declaration wasn’t just a casual comment but a clear outline of his working parameters. How can the nation feel secure knowing that after your children are tucked in, so is the President? The American people deserve a leader equipped with the stamina and resilience to lead at all hours. This early bedtime claim hardly inspires confidence. 


Perhaps it’s time for the 2024 Democratic ticket to include a Vice President who can handle the nation’s responsibilities between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. With this administration, it’s starting to look like America has a part-time president, and unfortunately, the challenges the nation faces are very much full-time. Let’s hope the next candidate can stay awake long enough to remember that.

Written by Staff Reports

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