The Constitution Isn’t a Flexible Document

In today's world, there's a growing trend to treat the Constitution as if it were a living, breathing document that can be stretched, twisted, and reinterpreted to fit contemporary whims. This approach is not only misguided but fundamentally dangerous to the integrity of our nation's foundational principles.

When the Founding Fathers penned the Constitution, they did so with clear intentions and a solid understanding of human nature and governance. Their brilliance lies in the document's timeless principles, designed to safeguard liberty and ensure a government accountable to the people. They provided a robust framework that has stood the test of time, not a malleable piece of clay to be reshaped according to the political winds of the day.

Interpreting the Constitution as it was originally intended is crucial for maintaining the rule of law. It provides a stable and predictable legal framework, something our society desperately needs. If we allow activist judges and politicians to redefine its meanings on a whim, we undermine the very foundation of our democracy.

The left's push to reinterpret the Constitution to align with modern progressive agendas is a clear attempt to bypass the legislative process and impose their will without the consent of the governed. This isn't about evolving with the times; it's about consolidating power and eroding individual freedoms.

Written by Staff Reports

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