Rep Comer Demands Answers on Biden Health Amid Cognitive Concerns

Joe Biden’s mental state has been a hot topic, and it’s become evident that those close to him might be fibbing for their own gain. Republican Rep. James Comer is now ringing the alarm bells, demanding a sit-down with Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, to get answers.

Comer seems to think O’Connor’s medical judgments are less about Biden’s health and more about keeping the Biden family gravy train rolling. Back in a June debate against Trump, Biden’s cognitive skills were on display, and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. The president fumbled, stammered, and outright lost his way—quite the spectacle.

Even the mainstream media, usually Biden’s biggest cheerleaders, had to begrudgingly admit the decline. Now, Democrats and media elites are whispering that maybe Biden should sit out the 2024 race. Comer’s letter highlights a fishy smell coming from O’Connor’s office, especially given the private business ties he has with the Biden clan.

A slippery memo in February painted Biden as some sort of geriatric superhero, supposedly “healthy” and “robust.” But since then, updates on the president’s health have been murky at best. O’Connor’s sketchy history with the president’s brother, James Biden, leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to his credibility.

According to Comer, O’Connor was mixed up in some shady business dealings with Americore Health, LLC, resulting in a cool $200,000 landing in Joe Biden’s account for what many suspect were political favors. Is O’Connor really the guy to give an unbiased view of Biden’s fitness to run the country? Comer doesn’t think so.

It’s worth noting that both Hunter and Jill Biden probably have their own reasons for propping up Joe. The first lady appears obsessed with power, while Hunter undoubtedly enjoys the protection his dad’s position affords him. If O’Connor is as self-serving as the rest of the Biden bunch, calling the president “fit” fits perfectly in their playbook. The whole scenario smells like a sham, one that Comer and anyone with half a brain can see right through.

Written by Staff Reports

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