Biden Begrudgingly Embraces Winning Courtesy of Trump’s Border Wall

President Joe Biden has made a surprising move by changing course on his open border policies. Faced with criticism over the influx of illegal immigrants into cities and towns across America, Biden has decided to restart construction on the border wall. And it seems the public is on board with this decision.

According to a recent survey from Rasmussen Reports, a whopping 73% of likely voters support Biden’s choice to use funds previously allocated by the Trump administration for the border wall. It’s not just Republicans who are in favor either, as 62% of Democrats and 74% of unaffiliated voters agree with this move. This show of bipartisanship is a rare occurrence in our divided political landscape.

This decision has also caused many to question Biden’s previous opposition to the border wall. In fact, 61% of respondents agreed that this move proves Donald Trump was right about the need for a border wall. This is a significant shift in public perception and could have implications in future elections.

The border crisis caused by Biden’s policies is expected to be a major issue in the next general election, with 80% of likely voters believing that immigration and the border will play a significant role. It’s clear that this issue resonates with the American people, and Biden’s decision to restart border wall construction may be a calculated move to appeal to voters.

It’s refreshing to see a politician acknowledge when they’ve made a mistake and take action to correct it. Biden deserves credit for recognizing the public’s concerns and changing course on the border wall. This shows a willingness to listen and respond to the needs of the American people. Hopefully, this is a sign of more sensible policies to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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