Nikki Haley Students School Anti-Israel Classmates: Truth Bomb!

The student coalition supporting Nikki Haley’s presidential run, known as Students for Haley, has released a statement reaffirming their support for Israel and condemning the pro-Hamas and antisemitic demonstrations happening at US universities. The group stands with Israel and denounces Hamas as a brutal terrorist organization. They express their dismay at fellow students who align themselves with “savages” who commit heinous acts of violence against innocent people.

The recent attack on Israel by Hamas, which killed hundreds of civilians and took others as hostages, has further heightened tensions. Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that 25 Americans lost their lives during the attack. Students for Haley has 37 chapters across colleges and universities in the US supporting Haley’s candidacy in 2024.

The group firmly believes that Hamas is a brutal terrorist organization, dismissing any claims of it being a resistance group or “freedom fighters.” They highlight the reported brutality of Hamas, including beheading babies, shooting children in their beds, and kidnapping grandmothers. Students for Haley also rejects the notion of a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel, emphasizing that Israel is a democracy that guarantees religious freedom and individual rights. In contrast, Hamas rules Gaza with oppression.

The group condemns their fellow students who fail to denounce the rising antisemitism and instead support Hamas. They argue that if these students genuinely care about human rights, they should denounce Hamas and support Israel. Numerous universities in the US have witnessed pro-Hamas demonstrations, with student groups insisting that Israel is an apartheid state. Harvard President Claudine Gay faced criticism for her vague statement on the Israel attack and the lack of condemnation for the student groups supporting it.

Secretary of State Blinken revealed that the number of Americans killed in the terror attack has risen to 25. The war has disrupted exchange programs and travel for American college students studying abroad in Israel. While some students have been safely evacuated, others remain in the country amidst the chaos.

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