Biden Busted: DOJ Exposes White House Migrant Drowning Tale as Total Fiction!

In a shocking turn of events, the Biden White House has once again been caught in a major lie. This time, it involves the Texas Military Department’s efforts to combat the ongoing crisis at the southern border. As part of its mission, the Texas Military Department has been preventing US Border Patrol agents from providing aid to the invading migrants.

According to media reports, Texas soldiers went as far as barring Border Patrol agents from rescuing drowning migrants in the Rio Grande River. CBS News framed it as the Department of Homeland Security claiming that Texas authorities physically prevented Border Patrol agents from carrying out a rescue operation. Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas detailed the alleged incident in a social media post, blaming the Texas Military Department for obstructing the Border Patrol’s efforts and calling it a tragedy for which the state of Texas is responsible.

However, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott vehemently denied these accusations. He took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to point out that the claims made by Cuellar and the media were false and lacked factual basis. According to Governor Abbott, the Border Patrol had requested access to the river after the drowning incident had already occurred, and the victims were found in Mexico. The Texas Military Department also released a statement refuting the claims, stating that they did not prevent the Border Patrol from saving the lives of drowning migrants.

Further evidence supporting Governor Abbott’s claims came from a U.S. Department of Justice filing against Texas in the U.S. Supreme Court. It revealed that a woman and two children had drowned by 8 p.m. on Friday, but the Border Patrol was not aware of the distress situation until an hour later. This contradicted the White House’s narrative that the Texas Military Department had obstructed the Border Patrol’s rescue efforts. In reality, the Border Patrol sought access to the park where the drowning incident occurred to ensure the safety of other individuals who may have been traveling with the victims. The Texas Military Department remained engaged and used various tools such as lights, night vision goggles, and thermals to ensure no additional migrants were in distress in the river.

It is clear that the media, Rep. Cuellar, and the Biden administration have jumped to conclusions without fully understanding the situation on the ground. These false accusations disregard the efforts made by the Texas Military Department to save lives and expose the border crisis that the federal government has failed to address. While the Biden administration continues to downplay the severity of the crisis, Texas soldiers are stepping up to fill the void and protect the border, even in the face of baseless allegations.

Written by Staff Reports

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