Biden Ditches Israel Rally for China Chat, Betrays Allies

President Biden snubs the bipartisan “March for Israel” rally on the Mall in Washington, DC, happening on Tuesday, and conservatives are not pleased. The president’s absence is seen as a deliberate move to avoid ruffling the feathers of the far-left Democrats who vehemently oppose his stance on Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas.

Organizer William Daroff extended an invite to Biden, who snubbed the event, claiming he is too preoccupied with preparing for his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in California. It seems like Biden would rather cozy up to China than show support for one of America’s strongest allies.

The event is expected to draw up to 60,000 supporters showing solidarity with Israel, including relatives of those held captive by Hamas, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, actress Debra Messing, Broadway star Tovah Feldshuh, and Rochelle Ford, as well as the president of Dillard University. It’s a real who’s who of people who won’t bend to the radical left’s agenda.

But of course, in true liberal fashion, there will be up to 5,000 counter-demonstrators demanding that Biden “grant relief to immigrants” from the Middle East. It’s always about open borders and appeasing everyone except for hardworking Americans, isn’t it?

The Department of Homeland Security has labeled the rally as a “Level 1” security event, the highest rating of risk assessment. So, it’s no surprise that District Mayor Muriel Bowser has deployed the National Guard to assist local police. You know things are serious when they have to call in the big guns to handle the protesters.

But let’s be real, folks. Biden’s absence from this rally just shows where his allegiances truly lie, and it’s not with our allies in Israel. Instead, he’d rather pander to the radical left and cozy up to China. It’s disappointing, but sadly, not surprising. Keep America first, folks, and don’t let the left-wing noise distract you from what’s really important.

Written by Staff Reports

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