Biden Donor Buys Hunter’s Art, Gets Prestige & Hostages Free? Coincidence?

In the latest news out of the Middle East, a twisted web of connections between the Biden family and a major Democratic donor has been uncovered in relation to the release of an American hostage by Hamas. The first American to be released under the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas is the relative of Liz Hirsh Naftali, a major contributor to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. It turns out that Naftali, who is not just any Biden donor, but a whopper, paid a substantial amount of money to purchase first son Hunter Biden’s artwork earlier this year. Not only that, but President Biden appointed Naftali to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad in July 2022. The connections are certainly raising some eyebrows, and rightly so.

This relative of Naftali’s who was released is none other than 4-year-old Abigail Mor Idan, who was among the 17 hostages released by Hamas on Sunday. What’s more, little Abigail is not only an American citizen, but a dual U.S. – Israeli citizen. The mind boggles at the thought of what this young girl and her family have been through due to the actions of a corrupt regime.

But the plot thickens. Benjamin Weingarten, the editor-at-large of Real Clear Investigations, voiced the incredulity felt by many upon learning of these connections. He asked, “So you’re telling me that the great-aunt of the youngest American hostage — and first American — to be released by Hamas is a buyer of Hunter Biden’s art, who was then appointed by Joe Biden to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad?” Weingarten’s questions have hit the nail on the head and are bringing to light the potentially shady dealings of the Biden administration and its close allies.

It is not clear whether Naftali bought Hunter’s artwork and was then appointed by President Biden, or if she was appointed first and then turned around and bought Hunter’s art. However, it’s shady either way you slice it, and it’s time for the American people to demand some answers.

Naftali is no stranger to the Democratic political scene. This Los Angeles real-estate investor has given a hefty sum of $13,414 to the Biden campaign this year alone, as well as $29,700 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, as reported by Business Insider in July. It’s no wonder Democrats are turning a blind eye to the potential corruption — they’re raking in the dough!

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has rightfully called out the lack of action in returning American hostages held by Hamas. Trump noted that Hamas had returned people from other countries but had failed to return a single American hostage, citing it as a sign of disrespect for America and its leadership. The current administration needs to step it up and take the protection of American citizens more seriously!

The release of little Abigail Mor Idan may have lessened the number of American hostages, but there are still nine American citizens missing after the Hamas attack on Israel last month, as revealed by White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan. It’s high time for President Biden and his cronies to put the safety and well-being of American citizens first, instead of playing politics and turning a blind eye to potential corruption. The American people deserve better, and it’s time to hold this administration accountable for its actions. Onward and upward, patriots!

Written by Staff Reports

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