Biden Confesses: His “Bidenomics” Fail to Tame Price Surge

In an unsurprising turn of events, President Biden has finally come clean about the skyrocketing prices Americans have been facing since he took office. The 81-year-old, who seems to have finally woken up to the reality of the situation, is now pleading with companies to lower their prices in response to the 18% increase in consumer costs that has occurred under his administration.

Despite his attempts to save face, Biden’s admission that “prices are still too high for too many things” is a clear indication of his failure to handle the economy. His feeble attempt to shift the blame onto corporations for “price gouging” only further underscores his lack of real solutions to the problem.

Biden’s weak leadership is also evident in his “bully pulpit” tactics to pressure oil companies last year, which proved to be ineffective in addressing rising gas prices. His recent attacks on Republicans only serve as a distraction from his administration’s failures, as he attempts to deflect responsibility by pointing fingers at political opponents.

Former President Donald Trump, in contrast, has taken a strong stance on economic policies, vowing to “decouple” the US from China and use tariffs to improve US competitiveness. Trump’s proactive approach stands in stark contrast to Biden’s reactive and ineffective attempts to address the economic challenges facing the nation. It’s no wonder that 81% of voters rate the economy as “fair” or “poor,” with a majority placing their trust in Trump’s economic policies over Biden’s.

The blame for the current economic woes rests squarely on Biden’s shoulders, as a study by the Federal Reserve found that his administration’s federal stimulus contributed significantly to inflation. Biden’s feeble attempts to shift the blame onto external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine only serve to highlight his lack of accountability and leadership in addressing the nation’s economic challenges.

As inflation continues to plague Americans, with average credit card rates reaching a staggering 27.81% and home mortgage rates soaring to between 7 and 8%, it’s clear that Biden’s “Bidenomics” are nothing more than a failure. It’s time for Biden to stop the excuses, take responsibility for the economic crisis, and enact real solutions that will provide relief for hardworking American families.

Written by Staff Reports

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