Biden’s Christmas Snub: Granddaughter Left Out in the Cold!

Once upon a time, in the grand halls of the White House, it was Christmas time. President Joe Biden and his First Lady Jill Biden were getting ready for the holidays. But wait, it seems like there’s a stocking-sized scandal afoot! The Bidens, famous for hanging stockings for their grandchildren in the past, have apparently left out one little stocking this year—Navy Joan Roberts’! Who’s that, you ask? Well, she’s the granddaughter of Joe and Jill Biden, but it seems like she’s been left out in the cold when it comes to Christmas cheer.

Now, Navy’s parents are none other than Hunter Biden, who’s made quite a name for himself with all sorts of shenanigans. His daughter’s mom, Lunden Roberts, used to work as an exotic dancer and was even on Hunter’s company payroll. But things took a turn for the Scrooge-like when Hunter reportedly took away her health insurance not long after Navy was born! On top of that, there were all these rumors about Hunter denying he was Navy’s father, trying to lower child support payments, and not even wanting to give her his last name. What a mess!

Despite all this drama, it seemed like there might be a glimmer of hope when the president and first lady finally acknowledged their little granddaughter back in July. But lo and behold, as Christmas decorations were revealed at the White House, it was clear that little Navy Joan was left out in the cold. The Bidens have decided to forgo the tradition of hanging stockings in the White House this year. Instead, they plan to do it at Camp David. How convenient, right?

The theme for the White House holiday celebration is all about the “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of Christmas, inspired by how children experience the festive season. But it seems like someone forgot to include the real magic of Christmas—the love and care for all family members, no matter what. Meanwhile, even the White House pets are getting more attention than Navy Joan! That’s right, the dogs and even the cat are getting their own stockings and statues in their likeness. What a howl of a holiday!

The first lady even posted pictures of all the decorations on her official account, boasting about Santa’s sleigh, a working train, and a Gingerbread White House. But it seems like the real gingerbread story here is the one where Navy Joan’s stocking is missing. What a tale of Christmas woe!

So, as the Bidens celebrate the season with their whimsical holiday theme and extravagant decorations, it’s clear that someone’s been left out in the cold. Will Navy Joan finally get her stocking at Camp David? Only time will tell. But for now, it looks like this Christmas is missing a little bit of that magic, wonder, and joy for one forgotten granddaughter.

Written by Staff Reports

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