DOJ Hunts Pro-Life Heroes as Biden Shields Abortion Extremists

The Biden Administration is at it again, folks! Can you believe it? The Department of Justice has been on a serious witch hunt, targeting brave men and women who stand up for the rights of the unborn and the sanctity of life. It’s like they have nothing better to do! The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act has been thrown around like confetti at a liberal rally since President Biden took office. And guess what? The law, which was supposed to protect everyone involved in the abortion debate, has been used against staunch pro-life activists almost every single time.

Let’s get this straight: abortion clinics and pro-life centers have been facing some serious attacks, from Molotov cocktails to smashed windows and threatening messages. It’s absolute madness out there. But instead of going after the real criminals, the DOJ has decided to put the heat on the defenders of life. Can you believe the nerve?

Under the Biden Administration, the DOJ has gone after around 46 anti-abortion individuals in a whopping 15 criminal cases using the FACE Act. And get this, in almost all of these cases, it’s the pro-abortion side that’s being considered the victim. What about the countless innocent lives lost to abortion? Doesn’t that count for anything in their eyes?

The bravery of these pro-life warriors is truly commendable. Take Christopher Moscinski, for instance. This Franciscan friar took a stand by chaining bike locks and padlocks to the entrances of a Long Island Planned Parenthood, sending a powerful message against the heinous act of abortion. And what did he get in return? A six-month prison sentence! It’s like the Biden Administration has a personal vendetta against anyone who dares to oppose their radical abortion agenda.

Then there’s Lauren Handy, a fearless activist who, along with her compatriots, stood up against the atrocities of abortion by forming a blockade at a Washington, D.C. abortion clinic. Their goal was to protect the innocent lives that were about to be snuffed out. But instead of being hailed as heroes, they are facing up to 11 years in prison and hefty fines. It’s an outrage, I tell you!

And let’s not forget about Mark Houck, a devoted Catholic father of seven, who was unfairly charged with violating the FACE Act. This man was simply offering support to pregnant women outside a Planned Parenthood when he was harshly targeted by the DOJ. Not only was he wrongfully accused, but he also had to endure a heavy-handed arrest that left him and his family traumatized.

It’s clear that the DOJ has a bone to pick with anyone who stands up for the sanctity of life. Not only are they playing favorites when it comes to enforcing the law, but they are also turning a blind eye to the attacks and vandalism targeting anti-abortion facilities and churches. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling!

The Biden Administration and its cronies seem hell-bent on defending the atrocity of abortion at any cost. They have made it their mission to silence the voices of those who defend the unborn with unparalleled zeal. But fear not, my fellow patriots! There are Republican lawmakers like Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chip Roy who are fighting tooth and nail to repeal this biased and unfair law.

It’s time for the Biden Administration to stop playing partisan politics and start protecting the rights of all individuals, including those who advocate for the sanctity of life. This biased enforcement of the law has to stop, and it’s up to real patriots to make their voices heard. It’s time to stand up for what’s right and defend the rights of the most vulnerable among us.

Written by Staff Reports

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