Biden Eats Humble Pie: Forced to Finish Trump’s Border Wall!

The Biden administration, despite their vocal opposition to the project, has been forced to complete more of former President Donald Trump’s border wall. The United States Customs and Border Protection recently announced that they will continue with the construction of 20 miles of the border wall, using $190 million in funding that was allocated by Congress in 2019.

While President Biden has called the border wall a “waste of money,” his administration is legally bound to use the funding as appropriated by Congress. The Department of Homeland Security has stated that the steel bollard design of the wall is the most operationally effective and has been tested over the last several years.

Despite the Biden administration’s efforts to cancel the funding, they have been unsuccessful in doing so. They have called on Congress to redirect the funds to other border security measures, such as technology and the modernization of ports of entry. However, until Congress cancels the funding, the Department of Homeland Security is required by law to use it for its original purpose.

The Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis has been marked by contradictions and concessions. While they claim to prioritize non-barrier solutions and address the root causes of migration, they have yet to implement any policies that actually do so. Instead, they have focused on specific parole programs for certain nationalities, which still require individuals to appear at a port of entry.

The parole program itself has faced legal challenges and is not intended to serve as an asylum program. Individuals granted immigration parole still need to apply for asylum separately, and there is no guarantee of admission. This contradicts the administration’s claim of providing options for applying for asylum in their home countries.

In the end, the Biden administration is being forced to continue an Trump administration policy and “build the wall.” Their opposition to the project has been undermined by legal obligations and the need for effective border security measures. It remains to be seen how they will address the border crisis and whether they will pursue comprehensive immigration reforms.

Written by Staff Reports

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