Biden Embraces Hamas Sympathizers, Ignores Visa Crackdown

President Joe Biden’s State Department is turning a blind eye to the support for Hamas pouring in from foreign nationals in the United States. The refusal to take action against those who openly back this terrorist organization has sparked outrage among conservative voices.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, urging the agency to leverage existing federal immigration laws and revoke visas of foreign nationals in the U.S. who are participating in pro-Hamas demonstrations. Rubio cited U.S. law stating that individuals associated with groups endorsing terrorist activities are inadmissible into the country.

Despite the clear legal directive, the State Department’s response fell short of a commitment to enforce this crucial measure. While acknowledging its broad authority to revoke visas, the agency failed to pledge any concrete action, demonstrating a troubling lack of resolve in the face of domestic support for a known terrorist entity.

In a callous display, the Biden administration’s National Security Council (NSC) spokesman, John Kirby, callously dismissed Republican demands for visa revocation, emphasizing the sanctity of free speech and peaceful protest. Such statements only serve to undermine national security efforts and embolden those sympathetic to violent extremism.

Compounding these concerns, the fiscal year 2022 saw a staggering number of green cards and nonimmigrant visas, including F-1 student visas, granted to individuals from countries with a strong pro-Hamas sentiment. Shockingly, over 8,300 Iranians obtained nonimmigrant visas, while more than 8,000 were awarded green cards. This influx of individuals with potential sympathies to a terrorist organization is deeply troubling and underscores the urgency for decisive action.

The Biden administration’s failure to address the issue of Hamas support within the U.S. poses a grave threat to national security. By refusing to act against those lending support to a recognized terrorist group, the State Department is effectively enabling the spread of extremism within the country. The Republican party and conservative voices are rightly calling for immediate and resolute measures to revoke visas and ensure the safety and security of all Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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