Hunter Biden’s Desperate Play: Subpoena Sexier Than Trump’s Gold Tie?

Hunter Biden's legal team is once again employing familiar tactics, now requesting that the federal judge overseeing his firearms case subpoena former President Trump. They allege that Trump exerted pressure on the Justice Department to target Hunter. This move is seen by some as playing the victim card yet again.

According to Hunter's attorney, Abby Lowell, Trump, along with former Attorney General Bill Barr, former acting Deputy AG Richard Donoghue, and former acting AG Jeffrey Rosen, collaborated with House Republicans to access Hunter's bank records. They assert that this supposed coordination influenced the outcome of an unrelated case, a claim met with skepticism.

The initial investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes and foreign business dealings was not a baseless conspiracy but a legitimate concern. The attempt to twist it into a grand scheme by Trump and his allies is deemed by some as a classic deflection strategy.

Notably, whistleblowers have emerged, alleging political interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden's tax fraud scandal. While there are indications of questionable dealings, Hunter Biden's legal team appears determined to shift the focus onto Trump.

Despite the smoke and mirrors, many see through the diversionary tactics. The call for accountability for Hunter Biden's actions, without any special treatment, is gaining traction. It is high time for his legal team to cease their attempts to shift blame onto others. Do you agree?

Written by Staff Reports

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