Biden Faces Growing Isolation as Democrat Voters Consider Alternatives According to Polls

Breitbart News reported that Biden, the oldest president in U.S. history, is finding himself increasingly isolated within his controlled environment as public perceptions of him sour. Recent polling shows that even among Democrat voters, there is a significant desire for Biden to step down from his position, with 41% expressing this sentiment according to a USA Today / Suffolk University poll. Only 51% of Democrat voters are in support of him continuing on as their party’s nominee.

The aftermath of Biden’s lackluster debate performance has sent shockwaves through the Democrat camp, with operatives and donors scrambling to assess the extent of the damage to his candidacy. Quentin Faulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, tried to downplay the situation by attributing the negative coverage to media sensationalism during a call with donors.

In response to the growing political threat, Biden has launched an eight-point public relations campaign in an effort to salvage his standing as the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee. Axios revealed that this strategy involves a shift towards increased public appearances, including interviews and press conferences, marking a departure from Biden’s previous avoidance of media interactions. This change in strategy comes as a response to criticisms from outlets like the New York Times regarding his lack of transparency and accessibility.

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