Democrats in Denial as Biden Stumbles Toward Defeat

Watching Democrats whip themselves into a frenzy over Biden’s debate performance is like watching a sinking ship while its captain insists there are no icebergs in sight. Yes, folks, President Joe Biden’s abysmal debate showing didn’t come as a shock to anyone with a functioning set of eyes. Democratic Representative Jared Golden essentially served the cold, hard truth on a silver platter in an Op-Ed for the Bangor Daily News: Biden is cruising straight toward defeat.

Golden, who isn’t even batting an eyelash over Biden’s disastrous display, acknowledged that he and others have seen this coming for months. He might not be casting his vote for Trump, but he’s made peace with the reality that The Donald will likely be back in the White House come 2025. And what’s his take on the Democratic pearl-clutching and hysteria? It’s a complete overreaction, plain and simple.

Apparently, some Democrats still cling to the fantasy that having Trump in the Oval Office spells doom for American democracy. Golden’s having none of it. Instead, he pointed out the obvious: America is far more resilient than Biden and his cronies want to admit. The incessant alarmism about a Trump victory obliterating democracy is the kind of scare tactics that belong in a low-budget horror film, not serious political discourse.

Golden also highlighted that significant legislative achievements can occur despite the president, not because of him. Along with a few other sensible Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin, he threw Biden’s colossal “Build Back Better” boondoggle into the trash where it belonged. Instead, they focused on initiatives that mattered— boosting American energy production, saving Medicare billions, and reducing the deficit. That’s real work benefiting Americans, not empty promises and massive spending.

Other prominent Democrats are jumping on the “Biden should quit” bandwagon, with Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett openly stating the obvious: Biden’s campaign is a train wreck. Doggett noted that internal polling shows Biden trailing Trump even before the disastrous debate performance. Welcome to the party, pal!

And then there’s Nancy Pelosi, adding her voice to the chorus of doubt. She questioned whether Biden’s mishaps were just blips on the radar or signs of a deeper issue. Even she can see the writing on the wall—Biden’s campaign is teetering on the edge of collapse. It seems the only ones still clinging to the delusion that Biden can pull this off are those too invested in the Democratic dreamland to face reality.

As this circus continues, one thing is crystal clear: Democrats need to pull their heads out of the clouds and face the grim reality of their situation. If they don’t, they’d better brace themselves for another term of President Donald J. Trump. Ready or not, here he comes.

Written by Staff Reports

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