Biden Gears Up for Incoming Impeachment Battle: Is He Guilty?

The White House has created a war room to prepare for the possible impeachment of President Biden. The office of the White House Counsel has been working on a response to the impeachment inquiry that House Republicans have been conducting. The Republicans have been releasing various pieces of evidence that they believe prove the president's involvement in foreign influence schemes. These include witness testimonies, bank records, and documents from FBI sources.

Aides of Biden are not taking these charges lying down. They claim that the allegations are politically motivated and have no basis. One of them equated them to elephants and apples.

Several articles of impeachment have already been filed against the president. According to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, an inquiry into the president's impeachment is the next step in the investigation based on the evidence that has been presented. An aide for the Biden Administration said that the White House has been working on its strategy and statements for over a year.

One of the main issues that the House Republicans are focusing on is the business dealings of Hunter Biden with foreign nationals. According to McCarthy, there is a corruption within the Biden family. He believes that the information that has been collected so far warrants an investigation.


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To counter the investigations, Biden's team is taking a page out of the 1998 impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. They intend to use the same strategy to prevent the impeachment efforts from happening, and make the Republicans pay a political price for it. The Biden Administration's response team includes Russ Anello and Richard Sauber, who were both previously the staff directors of the House Committee on Oversight.

The goal of the White House's war room is to prevent the investigations from affecting the president's agenda. It aims to keep the focus on the important issues at hand. Aides to Biden are also working to ensure that the president's term continues to be successful.

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