Biden Hits Record Low Approval, Trails Trump in Key States

President Joe Biden has the lowest job approval rating of any 13th quarter for a new president. His average job approval currently stands at 38.7%, ranking him at the bottom 12% of all presidential approval rankings since 1945. Polling data also suggests that he is trailing Donald Trump in five of six battleground states, even when including third-party candidates. The president is working to address concerns about the economy, his mental abilities, and the conflict in Gaza.

The Biden’s campaign team has dropped a video challenging Trump to debate him, indicating a shift in his stance on debating his opponent. The debates are seen as an opportunity for Biden to sway public perception of him and energize his base. However, it’s suggested that the impact of the debates on the election may be limited, as seen in past elections.

The president has also asserted executive privilege over audio recordings of his conversation with Special Counsel Robert Hur, relating to the handling of classified documents. This move has drawn criticism from Republican leaders, who view it as a strategic maneuver during the ongoing impeachment hearings on Biden.

Moreover, Biden is facing challenges in retaining the support of black voters, with some polls showing a decrease in their intention to vote compared to previous years. In response, the president has allocated a significant portion of his ad campaign to target black and Latino communities.

Additionally, the Biden administration announced plans to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III drug, a move aimed at appealing to young voters, who have shown strong support for the legalization of marijuana. This policy change has potential implications for medical research and investment in the marijuana industry.

On the international front, Biden has been criticized for his handling of the conflict in Gaza, with some accusing him of being too sympathetic to Israel. The president’s recent statement on halting weapon shipments to Israel in the event of an invasion of Rafah has sparked further debate.

Lastly, the Biden administration has approved federal funds to be used for student-led voter registration efforts. This decision has faced backlash from Republican officials, who argue that it is a partisan move aimed at increasing Democratic voter turnout.

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