Biden & Hunter’s Shady Deals: Press Sec Dodges Questions, Angers Room

Every day, the White House press secretary has to answer a new set of tough questions. Friday, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked a lot of questions about the business deals that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter may have been involved in. It was a show that would have been funny if it hadn't been so scary.

When a reporter asked about Hunter Biden's attendance at a state dinner soon after making a plea deal with federal prosecutors, things got tense at the press conference. But of course, Ms. Jean-Pierre said the question didn't matter and wouldn't talk about anything to do with the President's troubled son. The people in the room were angry because she wouldn't talk about the real problems.

Even so, that wasn't the most worrying thing. Reporters asked Jean-Pierre if the President had talked to his son's business partners in a forceful way, as a text message suggested he might have. Instead of answering the question, she told the press to ask her peers at the White House Council and the Department of Justice, who she said had already talked about it.

But what about the claim that the Department of Justice didn't look into a recovered WhatsApp message between Hunter Biden and a Chinese investor named Henry Zhao? Hunter Biden said in the message that Joe Biden, who was supposedly in the room, would "destroy" Zhao if payments to the Bidens weren't made right away.

Even though there was more and more evidence and whistleblowers said that the Biden Department of Justice interfered directly with the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden, Jean-Pierre refused to talk about the problem or confirm whether or not President Biden had talked to the Attorney General about it. It's clear that the Biden administration is doing everything it can to hide this and make it look like everything is fine in the White House.

But the people of the United States deserve better. They need to know what's going on and be held responsible. They deserve a President who doesn't have to worry about his family's shady business deals. The Biden family is doing bad things, and it's time for the truth to come out.

Written by Staff Reports

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