Judge Blocks Life-Saving Law: Abortion Pill Tyranny Continues!

Another day, another despicable ruling to protect baby killers. Yesterday, Judge Melissa Owens blocked Wyoming’s first-in-the-nation law that outlawed abortion pills, which was scheduled to take effect on July 1st. The law was enacted to help protect the lives of innocent unborn babies and protect women from the dangers of medication abortions. But of course, the abortion zealots had to take their case to court to try and stop the law, and unfortunately, they succeeded.

May we remind you that medication abortion is a two-part, gruesome procedure. Ladies, close your ears – First, a pregnant woman needs to take the drug mifepristone to stop the unborn child from growing. And then, to properly finish off the unborn baby, the woman takes misoprostol, which expels the baby from her body. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, this method accounts for the majority of abortions in the United States.

Wyoming was one of many states that acted quickly to ban abortion procedures in most cases and restrict the use of abortion pills after the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v. Wade. But as per usual, the pro-abortion crowd twisted their way into court to challenge the new legislation. Four women – including two obstetricians, and two nonprofit organizations – were at the forefront of the challenge, and nonprofit Wellspring Health Access even sued before the law had a chance to take effect.

Judge Owens also blocked two other pro-life bills that were signed into law by the Governor, showing a clear animus to pro-life laws. It’s ironic that Gordon appointed her, but as we’ve said before, we can’t always count on politicians to act in the best interest of the unborn baby.

Abortion advocates argue that banning abortion pills would force women to get more invasive surgical abortions instead. But they don’t care about women’s health; they only care about “doing away” with the unborn. We must protect women from the dangers of medication abortions. As attorney Marci Bramlet put it, “It effectively tells people you must have open-heart surgery when a stent would do.”

In the United Kingdom, a woman is facing more than two years behind bars for taking medication abortion pills to end her pregnancy. She lied about how far along she was, then took the pills and went into labor during her third trimester. The baby girl was born not breathing. When will people wake up to the dangers of these pills?

A recent poll showed that the majority of Americans disagree that mifepristone was vetted carefully enough to protect women’s health and safety. This dangerous drug should not remain legal in any state. The pro-abortion lobby has relied on abortion pills as a final attempt to rescue their dying industry after more than a dozen states enacted strong protections for unborn babies and mothers in the aftermath of Dobbs. We must take our cues from these states and continue the fight for the unborn baby.

Written by Staff Reports

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