Biden Lost at Sea – The White House Scrambles for a New Game Plan!

It’s no secret that Joe Biden, bless his heart, is not exactly a pro when it comes to being in front of cameras or the public eye. And honestly, that’s a big ole problem for the guy who happens to wear the crown as President of the United States. To make matters worse, his White House aides have been working their tails off, and not always successfully, to keep Biden on a tight leash and prevent him from making his usual gaffes or contradicting official policy.

These poor aides, who must remain anonymous because they’re probably afraid of the wrath of Biden, have been complaining about their limited windows of opportunity to schedule public events for the President. They’re trying to catch him in the rare moments when he’s supposedly at his best, and then quickly whisk him away before he goes off the rails. And let’s not forget, when Biden does finally make a public appearance, the reporters and their questions are carefully pre-selected. It’s like a script for a bad movie, folks.

But even with all these precautions in place, Biden still finds a way to stumble and bumble his way through. Just take a look at his recent performance during his trip to Vietnam. It started off with a cringeworthy attempt at humor with his “Good Evening, Vietnam” joke. Spoiler alert: it didn’t go over well. Then, he proceeded to shuffle through his papers like a lost puppy, looking completely clueless about what he was supposed to do next. He even had to call out to his “staff” for help. And let’s not forget the moment when he straight up yelled at reporters and refused to take their questions. Classy move, Mr. President.

Now, here’s the kicker. Biden himself admitted that he’s just “following orders” and not doing a whole lot of independent thinking. And yet, he still manages to make us question his mental fitness. It’s a true talent, folks. We should be thanking our lucky stars that he didn’t accidentally start an international incident this time around. I mean, remember when he called for regime change in Russia? Yikes.

All in all, it’s clear that Biden’s handlers have a tough job on their hands. But their efforts to keep him in line only highlight his shortcomings and raise serious doubts about his ability to lead. God help us all.

Written by Staff Reports

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